In Chemical industry, if one wants to buy or sell any of the goods then one has to go through a tedious process of searching for the brokers, who again search for the right buyers or sellers and negotiate with them on behalf of their clients for price. And, because of this long process, sometimes quality of the goods deteriorates before they see the light of the day.
So, to solve this problem a client asked me to implement an idea into prototypes. Idea was to develop a platform for the clients and brokers to make this process of buying and selling goods easy and fast.
I started this project in the mid of August, 2016.
Now, I’ll take you through the design process I used to create the application described below.

Requirement Gathering

I kicked off the project with requirements gathering. I interviewed the stakeholder to gather all the information related to functionality which would further help me in designing the task flows. Based on the information I gathered through numerous brainstorming sessions and interviews with the client, I finalized “must have” features that would be the part of MVP. Once all the features had been finalized, I created a simple task flow using an app called Lucid Chart.
Here is the task flow:

Wireframes and prototypes

Once the task flow was ready, I jumped right into the sketch. I sketched out some initial concepts and paper-prototypes(below) and discussed them with the client to ensure that we were both on the same page.

Once the client was happy with the initial designs, I translated them into high fidelity gray scale screens(below) using photoshop.

Visual Design

Visual design is an important part of the design process. It adds emotions to the design. So, I decided a palette and a font(Open Sans) to make the screens look clean and elegant in order to reduce distractions and improve usability.

Some of the screens with visuals are:

Mission accomplished

It is never easy to start a project from scratch, build something new and try to convince your clients that this is the right thing to do to achieve all the objectives. Fortunately, In this project, I got good clients, who helped me a lot whenever there was requirement. And, this is why I was able to create a clean and elegant android application design which would achieve both business as well as user goals.





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