About the company

Redwheels is the new way of buying cars in India, a better way. One where you get to see upfront offers from the best dealers in India, without the hassle or haggle. It turns the traditional way of car buying on it’s head — no more awkward negotiating on the dealership forecourt, you tell the car you want and they get dealers to compete over you. Your contact information is never shared with dealers until you accept an offer from a dealer thereby ensuring that you won’t be hassled by any unwanted sales calls. Once you’ve received your deals, you can compare them by price, location of the dealership and reviews of the dealer from other buyers. All that’s left is to message your favorite dealers anonymously through the dashboard on Redwheels or give them a call directly to buy. Best of all, it’s completely free whether you buy a car or not!

I started working on this project in March 2016 when I was doing freelance UX Designing. Client wanted to build an interface where users can select car of their choice and buy it after comparing the prices offered by various dealers. There were already some players like cardekho, carwale etc. working in this sector. These companies were more research focused where you learn about fuel consumption, turning radius and engine size, whereas Redhweels are more focused on helping users through the most stressful part — buying the car.

Design Process

1. Requirement gathering

Client had already done some basic user research, so I started the project with requirement gathering for MVP(Minimum Viable Product). First, I interviewed client to understand the car selling business. I asked them some questions like - how Redwheels is going to be different than others?, what is the revenue model?, who are their users? etc. to learn about their philosophy. Second, I prepared some questions to know about the functionalities that I was going to incorporate into the design.

2. Competitive analysis

Once, I had enough functional information, I performed competitive analysis to compare the features others(like TrueCar, Vroom, Carwale/Cartrade/Truebil) were offering and what Redwheels is going to offer so that they could get competitive advantage. Based on the analysis, I suggested client to add some features. In addition to features comparison, I also did research on their design, information architecture, visuals which could help me during the course of the project.

3. Task flow creation

At this point I had enough information to create use cases and task flow to help me in designing screens on the basis of tasks(Task based design) and help client to understand the entire website flow and functionality.

4. Wireframing

After tasks and screens were finalized, I jumped onto wireframes creation. I started with home page paper prototype to show it to client for review and to finally get their approval to start high fidelity prototypes in photoshop. Some paper prototype variations of the home page are below.

After approval on the paper prototypes, I started creating high fidelity prototypes.
Some of them are below.

I used Open Sans because if its legibility and readability.

As their logo were already designed and using red color, I used it as primary color. Though, it is not mandatory to have same palette for both logo and website, but client insisted me to do that. Red as primary color I created a color palette which I used for the website.

After I completed all the designs, for usability and UI testing, I created an interactive prototype (using a tool called Marvel) for users to test the design before developer could start developing it. Based on the users’ suggestions and feedback, I redesigned some of the screens. I also created a style guide which incorporated fonts, colors and UI elements used in the design.

Conclusion and Take away

Client was very happy with the result. Designs met both the user’s goal and the business goal. It was user friendly, useful and efficient.
As it was my first freelance website design project, I was very delighted with the result. I would like to thank the client for their support, guidance and patience at each stage of the design process. Without them it would have been difficult for me to think innovative design ideas and convert them into reality.






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