This is me, Ravi Surana
User Experience Designer
Based in Hyderabad, India

Ravi Surana
Product + UX Designer
Based in Hyderabad, India

I am a passionate UX Designer. Being a developer in the past, I have a blend of both the skills which enables me to communicate my design ideas clearly with the team. It also helps me to collaborate with developers and product managers synergistically which makes the entire development process smooth and fast. My goal is to not only focus on aesthetic of an interface but also to incorporate concepts like empathy, user research, personas, usability testing to make the informed decisions and deliver a delightful and an outstanding user experience aligned with business goals.


Roy Kurian

Sr Systems Analyst, TRS Austin, Texas, USA

Ravi Surana has an in born talent and understanding that makes him stand out from others. He pays close attention to everything and tries to capture the essence of your requests in his designs`. In other words, he doesn’t just create something that looks visually pleasing, but he also makes sure that it reflects the values of your website. I highly recommend Ravi for any UX/ UI Design work.

Sirisha Deevi

Project Lead, JDA Software, Hyderabad, India

Ravi has worked under me for almost 3 years now. He came in as an inexperienced developer with little knowledge on client and server side languages like Java, JavaScript etc. But, he not only quickly adapted and absorbed the latest technologies but excelled with time. He is the most proactive member in the team and is always ready to help, take any unplanned task and deliver it on time even. He is a very reliable resource who believes in smart work. His thrust for knowledge and learning will surely take him to greater heights. He will be an asset to any organization. I wish him all the luck with his future projects.

Abhinav Kishore

UX Designer, JDA Software, Hyderabad, India

Driven, focused and hardworking, Ravi has extremely high potential as a UI/ UX designer. His strong background on technology and coding gives him invaluable advantage of understanding the complexity and feasibility of ideas, along with rare capability of supporting designs to execution. I have seen him master tools and techniques for design with self-driven enthusiasm, and his sketches, illustrations and designs stand out in quality. He also keeps himself abreast of news and updates in the design world, and it shows in his UI and mobile app designs, where he uses contemporary patterns and best practices.

Sandip Adhikary

Senior Specialist - User Experience, DE Shaw & Co, India

Ravi and I worked on PocketChef ever since its inception. His creativity and innovative ideas helped us to shape the minimal viable product. His participation on creating Information Architecture, Task Flow, brainstorming and paper prototyping helped us to conceptualize the user interfaces for MVP. His multidisciplinary knowledge and problem-solving ability was instrumental in developing business from the ground up. He was also participated in branding and visual design related fields. I particularly liked his real life problems solving approach, design solutions and his vision for our product.

Abhishek Asthana

Project Lead, JDA Software, Hyderabad, India

I worked with Ravi at JDA and I found him eager to learn and ready to put his learning to use in solving problems. I was very impressed by his ability to think around the problems and solve them in innovative ways.






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